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    Phone Techniques - Part 3


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    Phone Techniques - Part 3 Empty Phone Techniques - Part 3

    Post  deangill Sun Apr 12, 2009 8:44 am

    In our final part, remember -


    • Answer within five rings

    • Return calls promptly

    • Prioritise your diary tasks for calls

    • Operate a call back policy. Do not get the customers to ring in again if the person
    they want is not available

    • Don’t interrupt other people when they are on the phone

    • Do not daydream

    Customer care

    • Make the customer feel important and that you care

    • Smile. You can hear a smile in the voice

    • Don’t put the customer on hold unless you have to. If you do, explain what you
    are doing and why

    • Listen properly. Use “verbal nods” so that the customer knows you are listening

    • Give the customer 100% of your attention. Refuse to be distracted

    • Stand up for difficult calls. It helps you to sound positive


    • Using the phone is more difficult than face to face communication because you
    only have your voice

    • The whole company is judged by an individual’s performance on the phone

    • Concentrate on: Your voice
    What you say
    Being organised
    Your discipline
    Your customer care

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    Phone Techniques - Part 3 Empty Re: Phone Techniques - Part 3

    Post  Admin Fri Apr 24, 2009 4:14 am

    Love it -

    i find that these tools are always great to look back on when you need a boost....

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